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We encourage law enforcement personnel to share their near miss stories and lessons learned to shield other law enforcement personnel from accidents, injuries and fatalities, as well as to prevent other community crises from occurring.

Sharing your story is an anonymous, secure, non-punitive, and confidential process.

Recent Reports


Subject Attempts to Draw Concealed Handgun during Frisk

I was dispatched to a fight call in the back parking lot of an apartment complex. My zone partner arrived on scene first, made contact with the subjects, and called out the scene was Code 4 (Safe) prior to my arrival…


Concealed Scissors during Felony Warrant Arrest

I assisted another officer who heard a woman screaming under a bridge where transients are known to frequent. A male and female were contacted. Both were cooperative and provided their information. Investigation revealed that no crime occurred. The male placed his hands into his front pockets as he approached…



Officers Almost Serve Search Warrant on Wrong Apartment

A search warrant was being served on a suspect in a conspiracy investigation involving the trafficking of illegal drugs. During this investigation, the subject’s residence was located along with his vehicle in a large apartment complex…


Maintain Situational Awareness on “Routine” Traffic Stops

I made a traffic stop of a local resident and determined subject had an active warrant for his arrest. While attempting to make the arrest, I was so zoned in on the subject, I placed myself with my back to the highway…




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These organizations have partnered with the Police Foundation and support the LEO Near Miss Reporting System as a means to collect lessons learned to help shield law enforcement personnel from accidents, injuries and fatalities, as well as to prevent other community crises from occurring.





Participating Agencies

The following agencies are working with the Police Foundation to implement a LEO Near Miss safety program within their agency. We commend them for their efforts to improve officer safety.






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The following agencies proudly support and endorse the LEO Near Miss Reporting System:



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