Almost Introduced Myself to a Moving Van

I was working a crash at a particularly busy intersection with high speed traffic. I had been working a graveyard shift, and on my way to finish my shift an injury accident occurred. I was closest to the crash, so I responded. The accident was routine, e.g. fire personnel blocking half the intersection and traffic trying to turn any which way they pleased.

Not a Real Search and Rescue

I was working countywide the night of the incident, meaning I was working alone and covering the entire county. I received a call for service for a subject lost in the woods, who was unable to move due to being too weak. The male subject had called using his cell phone and gave a general location.

Pre-Planned Ambush Foiled at Fair

I was working at the county fair when I was flagged down by a concerned citizen. She stated there was an intoxicated male sitting on the back of my patrol unit and gave me a description. I went into the parking area and saw a white male sitting on my patrol unit.

Subject Tries to Disarm Unsuspecting Officer at Gas Station

Two officers were exiting a gas station convenience store around 0200. While the officers were exiting, Officer #1 held the door open for a male subject who was approaching the door from outside.

Officers Ambushed Responding to Shooting Inside Local Business

Officers responded to a report of shots fired inside a local business. The first two arriving officers immediately entered the building, having information on an active shooting.

Averted Ambush during Bizarre Welfare Check

During third shift, our dispatch center received a 911 call from an unknown male subject asking that an officer be sent to shoot and kill him. When asked for an address and more information, the subject repeatedly demanded the request in an agitated and more expletive manner. A final request for more information and location resulted in him screaming “I’m coming to get you!” and hanging up.

Technology and K-9 Save Deputy During Ambush Attack

A K-9 deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a rest stop. The vehicle’s lights were turned off, and one person was sitting in the driver’s seat. As the deputy approached the vehicle, two individuals came out of the nearby woods and approached the deputy.

Gunman Ambushes Officer at Intersection

An officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle at an intersection in the nighttime hours when a gunman approached the driver side window and opened fire on the officer.

Deputy Constable Ambushed and Shot Following Traffic Stop

A deputy constable conducted a nighttime traffic stop for an observed traffic violation. During the stop, the deputy requested a back-up deputy to assist. At the conclusion of the traffic stop, both deputies went back to the first patrol vehicle and began talking. As the deputies were talking, gun shots were fired, hitting one of the deputies multiple times.