Inmate Smuggles Contraband from Law Library

At approximately 1430, I went to [Housing Module A] to look at the telephone access for segregation inmates. While standing in front of the law library room, [Inmate 1] stated the cable for the printer was missing. I entered the Law Library room and inspected the printer and computer to verify the cable was gone.

Inmate Attempts to Take Officer’s Gun in Hospital Bathroom

In July 2013, at approximately 7:15 am, an inmate was escorted from [Correctional Institution] to [Local Hospital] by two officers for a scheduled clinical appointment. At approximately 11:45 am, the inmate requested to use the restroom. Officer #1 searched the restroom and discovered a cell phone and tobacco product inside. Officer #2 confiscated the items and cleared the restroom for use by the inmate. The inmate again expressed his immediate need to use the restroom throughout the search. Officer #2 escorted the inmate inside the restroom. Once inside, Officer #2 removed the restraints from the inmate, freeing the inmate’s right hand.