Accidental Discharge during Weapon Light Manipulation

During the early morning hours, a veteran officer experienced an accidental discharge of a Glock 35 handgun. The incident occurred while the officer was conducting a function test of his weapon-mounted light.

Arrestee Fights for Control of Officer’s Firearm

I was working a commercial sex investigation, and I stopped a female impersonator. This person was very large, and I was trying to make a plan for how to tell him he was under arrest and gain compliance immediately.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm at Shooting Range

On October 24, 2017 at approximately 1410 hours, I experienced an accidental discharge of my Glock 19 at the firearms range. My intent for being at the range was to clean the weapon. I emptied my firearm prior to entering the range but neglected to empty the magazine, and out habit, replaced the magazine back in the firearm.

SWAT Operator Nearly Shot during Shoot House Training

The scenario was set up to keep operators in their line of fire and rely on other operators to do their jobs. My thought was that it would be a situation that would train the subject matter that I wanted trained.

Failed Equipment Results in Officer Drowning

An experienced police diver was practicing routine underwater search-and-rescue maneuvers as part of a dive-team training exercise when a series of equipment failures resulted in the officer drowning.

Less Lethal Shotguns Just in Time

Officers were dispatched to an unknown situation on a 9-1-1 call. Upon arrival they were confronted by a man with two butcher knives standing on the front porch of a residence. The suspect began to advance on the officers, two of whom had their handguns pointed at the suspect. The third officer deployed a less lethal shotgun, which the department had trained in and issued approximately 2 weeks prior to the incident.

Nearly Shot Investigating Burglary Alarm

Police responded to a burglary alarm at a private residence. Upon arrival, the officer checked the property. A male came to the door and told him the alarm was tripped. When the officer asked him for ID showing proof of residency, the male retreated into the house. A woman then came to the door showing ID. The officer sensed something wasn’t right, and he inquired if everything was OK.

Unlawful Seizure/Detention

A patrol officer was investigating a motor vehicle collision when the officer noticed an individual walking by the location. The officer identified the individual as a person of interest in recent breaking-and-entering incidents in the area. The officer contacted the individual and requested that the individual accompany the officer to the police station.

Severe Weather Evacuation During Holiday Event

A July 4th open-air music/fireworks celebration, located at a public park, was held with known threat of severe thunder and lightening storm. Weather forecast indicated possibility of heavy rain, thunder/lightening, and wind. The storm gained strength and intensity over a short period time with minimal notification by weather experts.