Lucky, but Safe Would Be Better!

I was dispatched to an in-progress vehicle burglary that the reporting party was observing real time on his Ring camera. He provided a good description of the suspect, and the incident was in a neighborhood with two vehicle access points.

Warm Breaths on a Frozen Night

The night was chilly, maybe high 20s. I had been on shift for about three hours at the time of the incident. My eight-officer patrol team was manned by newer officers with a high drive. Officer safety was more of an idea we knew existed somewhere else.

Routine Shoplifting Arrest Goes Sideways

I showed up for my “routine” off-duty security shift at a major hardware store. I say routine because I had done this type of shift several times before, but we all know what happens when we let things become just routine.

Prisoner Escapes Patrol Vehicle and Attempts to Ambush Pursuing Officers

My partner and I stopped a possible DUI driver for a red-light violation. There was a male driver and a female passenger. My partner performed a DUI investigation, which seemed to be routine.

Foot Pursuit and Fight with Wanted Felon

A deputy observed a male sleeping in a truck parked at a Transit Park and Ride lot. The deputy recognized the male as a felony warrant suspect and requested a second unit to come to his location. The deputy did not wait for backup, however, and opened the driver’s side door of the truck to take the male into custody.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm during Foot Pursuit of Burglary Suspect

Officers responded to a male subject reportedly involved in a series of burglaries. When officers confronted the subject, who was carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV in his hands, the subject threw the TV at officers and fled on foot.

Holster Retention Issue during Foot Pursuit of Armed Subject

A specialty unit officer was performing surveillance on violent gang members. One known subject left in a vehicle, and after officers observed traffic offenses (and confirmed the subject had a suspended license), an attempt to stop the subject was made. The vehicle/suspect refused to stop and fled for 6-8 blocks before the driver and passenger bailed out on foot.

Warrant Subject Wields Object Resembling a Firearm

Officers observed a subject wanted on a warrant run into a house. The officers responded to a back alley and located the subject running through the backyard. While giving the suspect verbal commands, the suspect reached into his waistband and pulled out a small chrome object with a handle and trigger, resembling a small firearm.

No Vest Responding to Armed Robbery

Two males robbed a location with a shotgun and handgun. We found the two males in a neighborhood and initiated foot pursuit as they ran behind a house. I stopped because of a possible ambush and went back to the street.

Armed Subject Hides from Officers during Foot Pursuit

Two armed suspects robbed an individual and stole the victim’s vehicle. A patrol officer located the vehicle being driven on a city roadway and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The driver refused to stop, and a vehicle pursuit ensued.