Check and Double Check

A call for service was received about a domestic disturbance with allegations that the known suspect had pointed a gun at the caller during a verbal altercation. The caller then fled to a nearby gas station and contacted police.

Take Full Advantage of Time before Going Hands-On

My partner and I were dispatched for a domestic complaint where a husband had physically assaulted his wife. My partner and I had been working a two-person car for about two years. We arrived on scene and met the wife outside of their apartment. She said her husband was inside, had been drinking, and had physically assaulted her.

Domestic Suspect Could Have Ambushed Officers at Any Time

We were sent to a domestic in a small studio apartment. My partner was talking to the female and I stood cover. The female said the male subject had left the scene.

Suspect Hides and Shoots at Officers Responding to Assault

I was dispatched for a suspect reportedly assaulting his neighbor in the driveway of a vacant house. This suspect was known by the department due to many past alcohol and domestic violence related incidents. I had personally arrested this suspect twice on prior cases.

Police Vehicles Collide at Intersection while Responding to Armed Subject

Officers were responding code to assist other officers with an armed subject. Two police vehicles entered a controlled intersection at a high rate of speed, one against the red traffic signal.

Vest Saves Officer in Shooting with Robbery Suspect

Detectives were at a casino conducting follow-up for a missing persons case. As part of the follow-up, detectives were in the casino’s security surveillance room. While conducting the investigation, a suspect robbed a casino cage at gunpoint.

Officer Collides with Motorist while Pursuing Armed Robbery Suspects

Patrol officers spotted a car matching the description of a vehicle used in two earlier armed robberies in a nearby jurisdiction. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspects fled. The two officers pursued the vehicle, with speeds reaching 90mph on city roads.

Maintain Situational Awareness to Prevent an Ambush

At approximately 04:00, I was dispatched to a report of an assault on campus. The location of the assault was at an apartment complex on the main campus, but it was not accessible by the main campus road. As I was responding, I had to drive through a moderately wooded portion of the road immediately before the parking lot of the area I was called to.

Bad Habits Create Bad Circumstances

While working a delayed family disturbance call in a grocery store parking lot, an emergency tone-out sounded over our primary radio channel. Dispatch advised that an unarmed security guard working the exterior night watch at a bank on the outskirts of our town had been shot.

Officers Surprised by Suspect during Shots Fired Call

Officers received a call for shots fired in the area. They responded to a house for a disturbance involving the individual who fired the shots. Officers were checking the yard while another officer went to the front door to meet the complainant. One officer observed the suspect in the corner of the back yard.