State Trooper Revived after Opiate Exposure

A state trooper conducted a nighttime traffic stop on a vehicle for an observed traffic violation. While speaking with the driver, the trooper noticed the passenger swallow a small bag later said to have contained cocaine.

Trooper Requires Aid after Drug Exposure on Traffic Stop

Two state troopers conducted a traffic stop on a potential narcotics suspect. During the search of the suspect and his vehicle, one of the troopers began to feel lightheaded, nauseous, and unsteady on his feet.

Patrol Officer Hospitalized after Suspected Fentanyl Exposure during Traffic Stop

A patrol officer conducted a traffic stop on a female driver. During the stop, the female driver was arrested on suspicion of providing false identification information and driving on a suspended license. The officer also discovered a brownish-white substance in the vehicle, which was seized for testing.

Officer Accidentally Exposed to Fentanyl after Drug Seizure

A patrol officer observed two men in a parked vehicle engaging in behavior consistent with a drug transaction. When additional officers arrived, the officers blocked the suspect’s vehicle and contacted the driver and passenger. As officers approached, they observed the suspects attempting to rub a white powdery substance into the carpet on the floor of the vehicle.

Two Detectives Accidentally Overdose on Fentanyl

Two detectives were in the process of securing evidence in a narcotics case. As one of the detectives was handling a bag of suspected narcotics, he grabbed the bag and, out of habit, forced some of the air out of the bag to obtain a good seal.