Lucky, but Safe Would Be Better!

I was dispatched to an in-progress vehicle burglary that the reporting party was observing real time on his Ring camera. He provided a good description of the suspect, and the incident was in a neighborhood with two vehicle access points.

Suspicious Person Shoots at Deputy during Field Interview

At approximately 2245, a sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in a rural section of the county when she noticed a car pulled to the side of the road with a single occupant in the driver’s seat. With a recent influx of stolen cars and alarm calls in the area, the deputy wanted to check on the driver to make sure the driver wasn’t a wanted individual or a stranded motorist needing help.

Car Drag Near Miss

I observed a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through several alleys. I followed the vehicle briefly and obtained PC for a traffic stop. I approached and spoke with a single white male driver. He gave me his DL and insurance. He seemed extremely nervous.

Shootout with Kidnapping Suspect

At 0445, one of my patrol officers was on patrol in a supermarket parking lot and noticed a vehicle backed up near one of the doors with a subject inside the vehicle screaming and acting very agitated. The officer called it into dispatch, and I responded to the call.

Handcuffed Subject Jumps into Lake

I was dispatched to a call regarding a subject who was acting strange. The caller stated the subject was standing in his backyard and the subject’s dog was on the caller’s boat. The caller’s residence backed up to a lake. The caller stated the subject approached the caller’s rear sliding door and said someone was chasing him.

Officer Nearly Shot in the Head during Misdemeanor Arrest

During the nighttime hours, an officer approached a male subject that appeared to be sleeping in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle, with its engine running, in front of an apartment complex. The officer asked the subject why he was out in the vehicle, and the subject stated that he had just left a nearby residence after visiting family. The officer then stated that he smelled marijuana in the vehicle and asked the subject if he still had marijuana in the car.

Murder Suspect Planned to Shoot Officer during Stop in Hotel Parking Lot

A patrol officer observed a male driver and a female passenger sitting in a black SUV parked at a local hotel. The officer parked his vehicle near the subjects and approached the driver’s door, perpendicular to the subjects’ vehicle. As the officer approached, the female subject exited the SUV and the officer asked what the subjects were doing.

Officer Investigates Suspicious Teens with Possible Weapon

Our patrol officer was on routine patrol on New Years Day and observed several young males walking across a parking lot at a local mall. One of the subjects displayed what the officer thought to be a weapon, but the subjects did not see the officer. The officer drove his vehicle to approach the subjects and activated his in-car camera.

Officers Nearly Ambushed in Construction Site

Another patrol officer got a call for a suspicious vehicle in a construction site at the beginning of our midnight shift. Staff at a restaurant connected to the site thought it was odd that the vehicle was there so late, as there was no construction going on. As my co-worker started heading to this call in his zone, I decided it sounded suspicious enough that I would respond with him.

Suspicious Persons in DMV Parking Lot

I was in the parking lot of the local DMV office in the afternoon. I typically patrolled the lot as I came or went from the office due to concern of illegal activities in the lot, such as selling fraudulent identification to get a real driver’s license. I was flagged down by an employee, who said she thought two individuals in a parked car were trying to sell stolen merchandise.