Armed EDP Subject High on Drugs in Apartment

The call was initially dispatched as a Burglary In Progress. The resident of an apartment called 911 reporting that several males had broken into his apartment. The caller sounded emotionally disturbed (like an EDP) to the call-taker, and no one else could be heard in the background.

Officer Shot on EMS Call at Transit Center

Fire, EMS, and police responded to a medical emergency at a bus terminal around 1730 for a 47-year-old male who was arriving on a bus from out of the area. Initial call notes indicated the man was having a seizure.

Deputy’s Vehicle Hit by Train while Responding to Infant in Distress

Two deputies in separate patrol SUVs were running code to an EMS call for an infant having difficulty breathing. On the way to the call, both of the deputies were stopped by a slow-moving freight train crossing the tracks in front of them.

Subject Fires on Officers during Mental Health Call

At approximately 0300, officers responded to a residence for a mental health-related call. The parents of the subject told police that their son was throwing items around the house and causing a disturbance.

Psychiatric Patient Attempts to Disarm Police Officer in ER

Officers were with a psychiatric patient at the ER for an evaluation. The patient was not under arrest but was subject to a psychiatric hold. When the patient was informed that he was being admitted to a psychiatric care facility, he became combative with officers on scene.

“Routine” Business Check

I was checking businesses in a strip mall, after one of the businesses had reported being burglarized three times in the previous two months. I found the back door to that business unlocked, and I set off the alarm when I opened the door.

Officer Shot Responding to Subject Who Was Reportedly Unarmed and Nonviolent

At approximately 1630, a woman called 911 out of concern for her son, whom she felt was emotionally disturbed. The mother stated that her son was not armed or violent. Two officers arrived at the scene and made contact with the mother.

Deputy Crashes En Route to Medical Call for Service

A medical call went out for a patient experiencing difficulty breathing. In our county, deputies are also the responding paramedics. One paramedic was already on scene. Another deputy/paramedic was en route to the medical call, still responding with lights and sirens.