Officer Nearly Disarmed during Hospital Prisoner Detail

Patrol officers responded to a call for service at an apartment complex to check a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, the subject was disorderly, and when officers attempted to arrest him, he became combative. Officers had to use a Taser to control him and take him into custody. The suspect was determined to be under the influence of PCP.

Search Warrant and Forced Entry on Wrong House

Deputies responded to a known drug house. At the house, deputies contacted a known female and arrested her on outstanding arrest warrants. The female is not a CI, but she has given prior credible information that has led to the arrests of other criminals. On this occasion, she again wanted to give info…

Correctional Officer Goes Down Transporting Maximum Security Inmate

Two corrections officers were assigned to transport a maximum security inmate to the local hospital for a doctors consultation in the ER. The inmate was secured to the gurney with handcuffs and leg irons. Corrections officer (CO) 1 was standing in the doorway while CO 2 was just inside the doorway of the the room near a counter and sink. CO 2 started to lean towards the wall and collapsed onto the floor, striking his head on the counter as he fell.

Tear Gas Sets Trailer on Fire During SWAT Operation

Police were dispatched for a noise complaint in a trailer park. When the responding officers arrived on scene, the subjects ran inside their trailer and locked the door. The officers tried unsuccessfully to convince the subjects to exit the trailer. The officers contacted their sergeant, who then contacted the duty lieutenant. The lieutenant contacted the chief of police, and the two decided to deploy the department’s SWAT team to handle the situation.

Failed Equipment Results in Officer Drowning

An experienced police diver was practicing routine underwater search-and-rescue maneuvers as part of a dive-team training exercise when a series of equipment failures resulted in the officer drowning.

Accidental Use of Live Rounds

An officer was dispatched for a subject behaving erratically near a school, possibly armed with a knife. The responding officer was less-lethal trained (a 12 gauge shotgun, painted a different color, but capable of firing 12 gauge rounds). Upon arrival of the officer, the subject fled, and the officer tried to use his less-lethal shotgun on the subject.

Inmate Attempts to Take Officer’s Gun in Hospital Bathroom

In July 2013, at approximately 7:15 am, an inmate was escorted from [Correctional Institution] to [Local Hospital] by two officers for a scheduled clinical appointment. At approximately 11:45 am, the inmate requested to use the restroom. Officer #1 searched the restroom and discovered a cell phone and tobacco product inside. Officer #2 confiscated the items and cleared the restroom for use by the inmate. The inmate again expressed his immediate need to use the restroom throughout the search. Officer #2 escorted the inmate inside the restroom. Once inside, Officer #2 removed the restraints from the inmate, freeing the inmate’s right hand.