Suspect Opens Fire on Officers Serving Arrest Warrant

Police received an anonymous tip that a suspect wanted for attempted murder (he allegedly shot a female) was inside of a motel-style apartment. Officers from two agencies met and formed a perimeter around the apartment, which was located on the ground floor. Officers contacted a female subject sitting outside of the apartment and asked her if the suspect was inside.

Warm Breaths on a Frozen Night

The night was chilly, maybe high 20s. I had been on shift for about three hours at the time of the incident. My eight-officer patrol team was manned by newer officers with a high drive. Officer safety was more of an idea we knew existed somewhere else.

Suspect Reaches for Weapon as Officers Go Hands On

An off-duty officer working security at a housing complex spotted a disorderly suspect who was wanted for threatening residents with a handgun, as well as an outstanding bench warrant. Upon seeing the officer, the suspect immediately fled on foot.

Officer Rescue During Critical Incident

At approximately 1500 hours, two officers were shot during the attempted service of a protection order at a local residence. An investigation leading up to the incident revealed a misdemeanor domestic violence incident occurred between a male and female the day prior, and the female obtained and order of protection which needed to be served.

Teen Pulls Gun as Officers Attempt to Go Hands On

Patrol officers were investigating a male subject matching the description of an individual wanted for truancy. The subject was sitting in the back of a car parked on the side of the road in a residential area. The windows of the vehicle were down, so Officer #1 approached the rear driver side door and asked the subject for his name.

Officers Attacked during Felony Arrest Warrant Service

Two officers from a local police department attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a known felon. As the officers made contact, the suspect and the suspect’s girlfriend assaulted the officers. The officers called for backup and fought with the two subjects.

Officers Almost Serve Search Warrant on Wrong Apartment

A search warrant was being served on a suspect in a conspiracy investigation involving the trafficking of illegal drugs. During this investigation, the subject’s residence was located along with his vehicle in a large apartment complex.

Warrant Subject Wields Object Resembling a Firearm

Officers observed a subject wanted on a warrant run into a house. The officers responded to a back alley and located the subject running through the backyard. While giving the suspect verbal commands, the suspect reached into his waistband and pulled out a small chrome object with a handle and trigger, resembling a small firearm.

Search Warrant and Forced Entry on Wrong House

Deputies responded to a known drug house. At the house, deputies contacted a known female and arrested her on outstanding arrest warrants. The female is not a CI, but she has given prior credible information that has led to the arrests of other criminals. On this occasion, she again wanted to give info…

Two Detectives Accidentally Overdose on Fentanyl

Two detectives were in the process of securing evidence in a narcotics case. As one of the detectives was handling a bag of suspected narcotics, he grabbed the bag and, out of habit, forced some of the air out of the bag to obtain a good seal.