Quick, Decisive Actions Can Keep Officers Safe

At approximately 2030 hours, I arrived at a call for a report that a male was out of control at a residence, breaking and throwing items. I have had prior contact with the male and know he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He often thinks people are breaking into the house, and he is very unpredictable.

Take Full Advantage of Time before Going Hands-On

My partner and I were dispatched for a domestic complaint where a husband had physically assaulted his wife. My partner and I had been working a two-person car for about two years. We arrived on scene and met the wife outside of their apartment. She said her husband was inside, had been drinking, and had physically assaulted her.

Missing Information Leads to Identifying Wrong Person as Threat

I was out on patrol with my K-9 partner when I was dispatched to a burglary in progress. The dispatcher noted that the reporting party was the next-door neighbor who was watching the house. Upon arrival, I entered the house with my K-9 through the front door that was ajar.

Officer Rescue During Critical Incident

At approximately 1500 hours, two officers were shot during the attempted service of a protection order at a local residence. An investigation leading up to the incident revealed a misdemeanor domestic violence incident occurred between a male and female the day prior, and the female obtained and order of protection which needed to be served.

Psychiatric Patient Attempts to Disarm Police Officer in ER

Officers were with a psychiatric patient at the ER for an evaluation. The patient was not under arrest but was subject to a psychiatric hold. When the patient was informed that he was being admitted to a psychiatric care facility, he became combative with officers on scene.

Officers Surprised by Suspect during Shots Fired Call

Officers received a call for shots fired in the area. They responded to a house for a disturbance involving the individual who fired the shots. Officers were checking the yard while another officer went to the front door to meet the complainant. One officer observed the suspect in the corner of the back yard.

Foot Pursuit and Fight with Wanted Felon

A deputy observed a male sleeping in a truck parked at a Transit Park and Ride lot. The deputy recognized the male as a felony warrant suspect and requested a second unit to come to his location. The deputy did not wait for backup, however, and opened the driver’s side door of the truck to take the male into custody.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm during Foot Pursuit of Burglary Suspect

Officers responded to a male subject reportedly involved in a series of burglaries. When officers confronted the subject, who was carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV in his hands, the subject threw the TV at officers and fled on foot.

Swatting Incident at University

A male subject called 911 and said that his “roommate” had a gun and was headed to a named school campus and planned on shooting people. The caller added that his “roommate” was dressed in black. University, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies responded.

Potential Friendly Fire Incident Following Mall Shooting

Patrol officers were dispatched to the complaint of a shooting at the mall. Initial reports indicated two people were shot, possibly a third. Officers responding to the scene were told via dispatch that multiple subjects with weapons were fleeing on foot in the area.