Biker Bar Booking Gone Bad

On an October evening at approximately 2030 hours, several units were dispatched to a biker bar for a fight in progress, weapons involved. We were advised by the watch commander to stage at a location near the bar to assess the real nature of the call and confirm, as best as possible, the number and nature of weapons involved prior to responding to the scene. Fights at the bar were not uncommon, but we were rarely called.

The Case of the Diaper Guns

While on midnight shift patrol with my regular partner, I conducted a traffic stop in an urban area on a vehicle driving w/out headlights at night. As soon as I walked up to the vehicle, I noticed about 1/2 an ounce of marijuana in plain view on the dashboard, which was seized.

Drunk Subject Pulls Revolver in Back Seat of Squad Car

Transit police officers responded to a call for a male subject reportedly harassing a woman at a downtown bus stop. Officers contacted the subject and noted he was obviously drunk. The officers conducted a pat-down of the subject and found an open bottle of liquor on his person.

Staggering Drunk Conceals Firearm

I stopped and arrested a staggering drunk in a parking lot. As I searched him, he leaned up against and partly over the hood of my car. He also kept squirming, so I had a hard time with the search, especially around the crotch. I thought, “Whatever.”

Searched Suspect Gives Officer Big Switchblade Knife

I was coming onto shift and was told to transport a person with a warrant to the local county jail. I was getting all of the paperwork together when the arrestee began yelling at me. He was only yelling to get my attention.

Loaded TEC-9 Found Underneath Driver’s Seat of Patrol Car

A patrol supervisor left his patrol car at the department’s car wash station for a trustee to clean the inside and outside of the car. After washing the outside of the car, the trustee flagged another officer down and excitedly stated that he had found a gun under the driver’s seat.

Hidden Firearm Found in Holding Cell

I was on a special street crimes unit, and one of my supervisors made a traffic stop. The driver was let go with a warning, but the passenger had an active warrant for missing a court hearing. I was the new guy and had to transport.

Prisoner Escapes Patrol Vehicle and Attempts to Ambush Pursuing Officers

My partner and I stopped a possible DUI driver for a red-light violation. There was a male driver and a female passenger. My partner performed a DUI investigation, which seemed to be routine.

Handgun Missed on Multiple Patdowns

An officer [with a local police department] conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Upon contact, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and was immediately backed up by a state trooper.

Handcuffed Subject Discards Gun in Police Car

My partner and I responded for a “Suspicious Persons” call wherein the anonymous caller described two subjects selling heroin with one subject armed with a gun. Upon our arrival, we located the described subjects and placed them in handcuffs. Immediately after we handcuffed both subjects, relatives and friends exited the residence the subjects were in front of and became verbally hostile towards us.