Quick, Decisive Actions Can Keep Officers Safe

At approximately 2030 hours, I arrived at a call for a report that a male was out of control at a residence, breaking and throwing items. I have had prior contact with the male and know he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He often thinks people are breaking into the house, and he is very unpredictable.

Missing Information Leads to Identifying Wrong Person as Threat

I was out on patrol with my K-9 partner when I was dispatched to a burglary in progress. The dispatcher noted that the reporting party was the next-door neighbor who was watching the house. Upon arrival, I entered the house with my K-9 through the front door that was ajar.

Always Clear the House

An officer was dispatched to a break-in that had already occurred. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant and homeowner and asked if the homeowner had already cleared the house. The homeowner said yes.

Routine Shoplifting Arrest Goes Sideways

I showed up for my “routine” off-duty security shift at a major hardware store. I say routine because I had done this type of shift several times before, but we all know what happens when we let things become just routine.

Seat Belt and Vest Save Officer in Crash while Responding to Burglary in Progress

An officer was working solo overnight patrol when he was dispatched for a burglary in progress. As the officer was responding at a high rate of speed to the call, he lost control of his patrol vehicle and went off the right side of the roadway.

Prisoner Steals Patrol SUV and Rams Deputy

Two deputies were investigating reports of a stolen vehicle at the end of a rural county road. The deputies arrived and found two cars parked at the end of the road, one of which was reported stolen, with a male and a female subject standing between the cars.

Deputy Survives Vicious Fight with Drugged Subject

A K9 deputy responded to a report of a man throwing things out of a third-floor dorm window at a local college. When the deputy contacted the suspect, the deputy noted that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs and hallucinating.

Trooper Fired Upon Following K-9 Track

In the early morning hours, state troopers responded to assist local police in locating a vehicle wanted in connection with a hit-and-run crash minutes earlier on [a major interstate]. Troopers found the suspect vehicle abandoned at a car dealership and deployed a K-9 to track the suspect.

Shoplifter Turns Violent

An off-duty officer was working a security detail with loss prevention at a department store. The off-duty officer radioed for assistance in reference to a subject that was using a small pocket knife to open items and conceal them while inside of the store.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm during Foot Pursuit of Burglary Suspect

Officers responded to a male subject reportedly involved in a series of burglaries. When officers confronted the subject, who was carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV in his hands, the subject threw the TV at officers and fled on foot.