Wait for Backup! Officer Fights for Life with Intoxicated Subject

I arrived before the other officer and went to speak with the victims. While speaking with the victims, the suspect exited his apartment. The suspect was much larger than I was and was extremely intoxicated. I tried to speak with the suspect, but he suddenly attacked me.

Holster Retention Issue during Foot Pursuit of Armed Subject

A specialty unit officer was performing surveillance on violent gang members. One known subject left in a vehicle, and after officers observed traffic offenses (and confirmed the subject had a suspended license), an attempt to stop the subject was made. The vehicle/suspect refused to stop and fled for 6-8 blocks before the driver and passenger bailed out on foot.

Almost Struck during Traffic Control at Crash Scene

I was directing traffic around a crash scene. An ambulance was partially blocking the travel lane. I did not have a traffic vest on and I was in a dark uniform. It was dark out and it was snowing.

Officer Attempts to Deploy Spike Strips on Three-Lane Interstate

A pursuit of a stolen car was traveling N/B on the local interstate. An officer ahead of the pursuit stopped on the inside shoulder, preparing to deploy spike strips as the pursuit neared their location. The suspect, from a distance, observed the officer on the inside shoulder and intentionally steered/veered to the right in an attempt to avoid the spikes.

Handcuff Key Found in Back of Patrol Vehicle after Inmate Transport

I was taking everything out of my pockets after a day of work. I realized that the pen-shaped handcuff key I carry in my pocket was missing. I was not sure where or when I had lost it. I bought a new one and did not think much of it.

Over Confident during Warrant Arrest of Known Subject

I was on duty in my own rural (very rural) neighborhood when I saw a known subject, whom I have dealt with numerous times, who had a warrant and suspended driver’s license. I watched him drive home and pulled him over. He saw me and went into his house. I filled out the citation and knocked on the door. We knew each other by first name—that is how often I have dealt with him.

Failed Equipment Results in Officer Drowning

An experienced police diver was practicing routine underwater search-and-rescue maneuvers as part of a dive-team training exercise when a series of equipment failures resulted in the officer drowning.

Tasered Suspect Shoots and Kills Officer During Felony Warrant Service

Two officers observed a male felony warrant suspect walking along a downtown street in the nighttime hours. The suspect had a lengthy criminal history, which included prior assaults on police officers. As the officers attempted to effect the arrest, the suspect refused to comply with the officers’ commands to show his hands.

Accidental Use of Live Rounds

An officer was dispatched for a subject behaving erratically near a school, possibly armed with a knife. The responding officer was less-lethal trained (a 12 gauge shotgun, painted a different color, but capable of firing 12 gauge rounds). Upon arrival of the officer, the subject fled, and the officer tried to use his less-lethal shotgun on the subject.

Less Lethal Shotguns Just in Time

Officers were dispatched to an unknown situation on a 9-1-1 call. Upon arrival they were confronted by a man with two butcher knives standing on the front porch of a residence. The suspect began to advance on the officers, two of whom had their handguns pointed at the suspect. The third officer deployed a less lethal shotgun, which the department had trained in and issued approximately 2 weeks prior to the incident.