Almost Shot Myself

Working on a narcotics team with the organized crime division, we got a call about a load of dope being delivered. We had a location, vehicle and suspect description, the approximate time of delivery, and enough cops to handle the call.

Tear Gas Sets Trailer on Fire During SWAT Operation

Police were dispatched for a noise complaint in a trailer park. When the responding officers arrived on scene, the subjects ran inside their trailer and locked the door. The officers tried unsuccessfully to convince the subjects to exit the trailer. The officers contacted their sergeant, who then contacted the duty lieutenant. The lieutenant contacted the chief of police, and the two decided to deploy the department’s SWAT team to handle the situation.

Unsafe Arrest Tactics after Noise Complaint

In the nighttime hours, an officer was dispatched to a house for a complaint of loud music. (This particular house, known to be a stripper’s house, had a history of noise complaints). When the officer knocks on the door of the house, a repeat offender opens the door and begins cussing at the officer.