Simple Shoplift – Loaded .45

I responded to a misdemeanor shoplifting while working an extra job at a department store. The store camera operator alerted me to a pair of men, one of whom was stuffing clothes down the front of his pants. I happened to be talking to an on-duty officer at the time who came with me to make the stop.

Officer Attempts to Deploy Spike Strips on Three-Lane Interstate

A pursuit of a stolen car was traveling N/B on the local interstate. An officer ahead of the pursuit stopped on the inside shoulder, preparing to deploy spike strips as the pursuit neared their location. The suspect, from a distance, observed the officer on the inside shoulder and intentionally steered/veered to the right in an attempt to avoid the spikes.

Near Collision Between Police Helicopter and Drone

A state law enforcement officer was flying a helicopter over a major state highway at night in search for a stolen vehicle. While the pilot was searching, the pilot noticed a red light appear in front of the helicopter’s cockpit window.