Active Shooter Hoax at University

Communications received a text report of an active shooter occurring at (Major University) main group building. Incident Command made the decision to enter the building to search for the shooter. Responding officers from the local police department and the university police department formed into teams to begin the search. After a 2.5 hour search of multiple buildings with multiple teams, no shooter was found. The incident was determined to be a hoax.

Crossfire Situation During Officer Involved Shooting

Officers responded to a robbery in progress at a drug store. When the officers entered the building, they observed the store staff hiding behind the counters. The officers began to surround the store and establish a perimeter. As the officers in the store approached the rear of the store, the two armed offenders exited through a drive through window.

Officer Killed, Ensuing Manhunt with Ill-Established Command and Control

[City Police] observed a subject wanted for the murder of a police officer and other serious crimes. Multiple agencies converged on the area, and the suspect opened fire on responding officers.

Transfer of Unsearched Suspect between Agencies Leads to Suspect’s Suicide

A suspect was arrested after a foot chase and shooting a Deputy. He was arrested by a different agency and handed off to the investigating agency. During the transfer, officers on the scene failed to notify officers from the investigating agency that the suspect had not been properly searched.

Collision During Covert Driving Tactics

Multiple officers responded to a Prowler Call in the early morning hours. Both officers turn off their headlights and break lights as they arrived in the neighborhood. As officers are arriving, an officer on the scene spots the suspect and broadcasts this information to other responding officers.

Bomb Threat – Hoax Call

Unknown caller phoned into a school of higher education that a male person was on campus and in a specific building with an assault rifle.