Suspicious Person(s)

Accidental Use of Live Rounds

An officer was dispatched for a subject behaving erratically near a school, possibly armed with a knife. The responding officer was less-lethal trained (a 12 gauge shotgun, painted a different color, but capable of firing 12 gauge rounds). Upon arrival of the officer, the subject fled, and the officer tried to use his less-lethal shotgun on the subject.


Foot Pursuit with Low-Battery Radio and Inoperable OC Spray

Officer on patrol observed two individuals in an enclosed walkway (Tunnel). One subject started to take out of his pockets numerous cell phones, prescription bottles, and a collapsible baton (Asp). When the officer approached the subject, the subject started to pick up all of the items, shoving them into his pockets. The subject then ran into busy afternoon traffic and crossed three lanes, almost being struck and causing motor vehicles to swerve in order to avoid striking him.


Collision During Covert Driving Tactics

Multiple officers responded to a Prowler Call in the early morning hours. Both officers turn off their headlights and break lights as they arrived in the neighborhood. As officers are arriving, an officer on the scene spots the suspect and broadcasts this information to other responding officers.