Over Confident during Warrant Arrest of Known Subject

I was on duty in my own rural (very rural) neighborhood when I saw a known subject, whom I have dealt with numerous times, who had a warrant and suspended driver’s license. I watched him drive home and pulled him over. He saw me and went into his house. I filled out the citation and knocked on the door. We knew each other by first name—that is how often I have dealt with him.

Tasered Suspect Shoots and Kills Officer During Felony Warrant Service

Two officers observed a male felony warrant suspect walking along a downtown street in the nighttime hours. The suspect had a lengthy criminal history, which included prior assaults on police officers. As the officers attempted to effect the arrest, the suspect refused to comply with the officers’ commands to show his hands.

Police K9 Bites SWAT Officer During Operation

A K-9 officer took part in a drug raid. Prior to the raid, the same K-9 and officer were involved in K-9 training. The training involved bite training and command/obedience training. The K-9 and officer went directly from training to the raid. As the K-9 officer exited his patrol car, he was unable to grab his K-9’s collar as he normally does.

Subject Pulls Gun During Warrant Service in Motel Parking Lot

During an attempt to serve an arrest warrant at a residential motel, two plain-clothes officers attempted contact of the person named in the warrant at a motel room. The officers were walking through the motel parking lot when a car containing two men drove by them and parked. The passenger fit the description of the person named in the warrant. Both officers approached the passenger side of the car as it was parking.

Officer Killed, Ensuing Manhunt with Ill-Established Command and Control

[City Police] observed a subject wanted for the murder of a police officer and other serious crimes. Multiple agencies converged on the area, and the suspect opened fire on responding officers.

Homicide of U.S. Marshall during Service of Murder Warrant

Members of local law enforcement in multiple counties as well as task force members of the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task force were attempting to serve murder warrants on three individuals. Officers believed the suspects were inside of a boarding house, and the officers had been at the location earlier that same day attempting to locate the suspects.

Drug Task Force Raid Encounters Armed Subject Under Blanket

Drug Task Force detectives were in a stack outside a residence, ready to ram the door and enter the premises. I was first in the stack with the ram. As I passed by the window next to the door, I looked in the front window and saw a person on the sofa. As I hit the door and got out of the way for the team to enter, I simultaneously yelled there was a person on the sofa.

Arrest Warrant Service – Beware of Dog

Officers were executing a search warrant and an arrest warrant for a drug suspect. Officers arrived at the suspect’s house at 0600, observed no movement inside, knocked and announced. Officers then breached the property.

Foot Chase of Wanted Person without Back-up

A wanted subject was observed by the officer. The subject was contacted by officer and the subject fled on foot. The officer pursued on foot and engaged in physical confrontation.