Handgun Missed on Multiple Patdowns

An officer [with a local police department] conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Upon contact, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and was immediately backed up by a state trooper.

Officer Accidentally Exposed to Fentanyl after Drug Seizure

A patrol officer observed two men in a parked vehicle engaging in behavior consistent with a drug transaction. When additional officers arrived, the officers blocked the suspect’s vehicle and contacted the driver and passenger. As officers approached, they observed the suspects attempting to rub a white powdery substance into the carpet on the floor of the vehicle.

Prisoner Attempts Suicide in Back of Patrol Vehicle

Officers responded to a family fight. The investigation found the male subject was intoxicated and upset. During the fight, he had grabbed a shotgun inside the residence and told his girlfriend he was going to commit suicide. She was able to get the gun away from him prior to police arrival. Officers took the male subject into custody without incident and charged him with two felony weapons charges and three DV related charges.

Officer Nearly Disarmed during Hospital Prisoner Detail

Patrol officers responded to a call for service at an apartment complex to check a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, the subject was disorderly, and when officers attempted to arrest him, he became combative. Officers had to use a Taser to control him and take him into custody. The suspect was determined to be under the influence of PCP.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm during Foot Pursuit of Burglary Suspect

Officers responded to a male subject reportedly involved in a series of burglaries. When officers confronted the subject, who was carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV in his hands, the subject threw the TV at officers and fled on foot.

Simple Shoplift – Loaded .45

I responded to a misdemeanor shoplifting while working an extra job at a department store. The store camera operator alerted me to a pair of men, one of whom was stuffing clothes down the front of his pants. I happened to be talking to an on-duty officer at the time who came with me to make the stop.

SWAT Operator Nearly Shot during Shoot House Training

The scenario was set up to keep operators in their line of fire and rely on other operators to do their jobs. My thought was that it would be a situation that would train the subject matter that I wanted trained.

Search Warrant and Forced Entry on Wrong House

Deputies responded to a known drug house. At the house, deputies contacted a known female and arrested her on outstanding arrest warrants. The female is not a CI, but she has given prior credible information that has led to the arrests of other criminals. On this occasion, she again wanted to give info…

Handcuffed Subject Discards Gun in Police Car

My partner and I responded for a “Suspicious Persons” call wherein the anonymous caller described two subjects selling heroin with one subject armed with a gun. Upon our arrival, we located the described subjects and placed them in handcuffs. Immediately after we handcuffed both subjects, relatives and friends exited the residence the subjects were in front of and became verbally hostile towards us.

DUI Suspect – Street Fight

A patrol officer responded to a report of a drunk driver involved in a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival at the scene, the officer observed several people attacking the driver of the vehicle.