Officer Killed, Ensuing Manhunt with Ill-Established Command and Control

[City Police] observed a subject wanted for the murder of a police officer and other serious crimes. Multiple agencies converged on the area, and the suspect opened fire on responding officers.

Homicide of U.S. Marshall during Service of Murder Warrant

Members of local law enforcement in multiple counties as well as task force members of the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task force were attempting to serve murder warrants on three individuals. Officers believed the suspects were inside of a boarding house, and the officers had been at the location earlier that same day attempting to locate the suspects.

Transfer of Unsearched Suspect between Agencies Leads to Suspect’s Suicide

A suspect was arrested after a foot chase and shooting a Deputy. He was arrested by a different agency and handed off to the investigating agency. During the transfer, officers on the scene failed to notify officers from the investigating agency that the suspect had not been properly searched.

Unlawful Seizure/Detention

A patrol officer was investigating a motor vehicle collision when the officer noticed an individual walking by the location. The officer identified the individual as a person of interest in recent breaking-and-entering incidents in the area. The officer contacted the individual and requested that the individual accompany the officer to the police station.