Officer Shot Responding to Traffic Accident

Officer responded to a call of a traffic accident at 0951. Upon arrival, the officer observed a man and a woman attempting to leave the scene of the crash on foot. As the officer approached the couple, the man turned and fired at the officer, fatally striking him in the head.

Technology and K-9 Save Deputy During Ambush Attack

A K-9 deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a rest stop. The vehicle’s lights were turned off, and one person was sitting in the driver’s seat. As the deputy approached the vehicle, two individuals came out of the nearby woods and approached the deputy.

Gunman Ambushes Officer at Intersection

An officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle at an intersection in the nighttime hours when a gunman approached the driver side window and opened fire on the officer.

Patrol Officer Dodges Bullet During Traffic Stop

A patrol officer pulled over a vehicle in a routine traffic stop. As soon as the officer reached the driver side window, the driver pulled a gun and fired at the officer.

Inmate Attempts to Disarm Officers at the Hospital

In February 2013, at approximately 1608 hours, I received a call from Officer #1 reporting that an inmate was just taken down to the floor by him and Officer #2 after the inmate tried to take his weapon.

Nearly Shot Investigating Burglary Alarm

Police responded to a burglary alarm at a private residence. Upon arrival, the officer checked the property. A male came to the door and told him the alarm was tripped. When the officer asked him for ID showing proof of residency, the male retreated into the house. A woman then came to the door showing ID. The officer sensed something wasn’t right, and he inquired if everything was OK.

Foot Chase of Wanted Person without Back-up

A wanted subject was observed by the officer. The subject was contacted by officer and the subject fled on foot. The officer pursued on foot and engaged in physical confrontation.