Suspicious Persons in DMV Parking Lot

I was in the parking lot of the local DMV office in the afternoon. I typically patrolled the lot as I came or went from the office due to concern of illegal activities in the lot, such as selling fraudulent identification to get a real driver’s license. I was flagged down by an employee, who said she thought two individuals in a parked car were trying to sell stolen merchandise.

Arrestee Fights for Control of Officer’s Firearm

I was working a commercial sex investigation, and I stopped a female impersonator. This person was very large, and I was trying to make a plan for how to tell him he was under arrest and gain compliance immediately.

Deputy Survives Vicious Fight with Drugged Subject

A K9 deputy responded to a report of a man throwing things out of a third-floor dorm window at a local college. When the deputy contacted the suspect, the deputy noted that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs and hallucinating.

Good Samaritans Rescue State Trooper Under Attack

A state trooper was on patrol on a state highway when he observed a motorcyclist driving 92mph. The trooper caught up with the motorcycle and activated his emergency lights. The driver pulled onto the shoulder and slowed down, but then accelerated at a high rate of speed.

Bystander Helps Officer Being Assaulted during DWI Stop

A patrol officer initiated a traffic stop for a possible DUI on a vehicle that he observed crossing the center line and swerving. When the officer questioned the driver and ordered her out of the vehicle, she refused to comply. At this time, the passenger also became argumentative with the officer.

Foot Pursuit and Fight with Wanted Felon

A deputy observed a male sleeping in a truck parked at a Transit Park and Ride lot. The deputy recognized the male as a felony warrant suspect and requested a second unit to come to his location. The deputy did not wait for backup, however, and opened the driver’s side door of the truck to take the male into custody.

Officers Attacked during Felony Arrest Warrant Service

Two officers from a local police department attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a known felon. As the officers made contact, the suspect and the suspect’s girlfriend assaulted the officers. The officers called for backup and fought with the two subjects.

Officer Nearly Disarmed during Hospital Prisoner Detail

Patrol officers responded to a call for service at an apartment complex to check a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, the subject was disorderly, and when officers attempted to arrest him, he became combative. Officers had to use a Taser to control him and take him into custody. The suspect was determined to be under the influence of PCP.

No Vest Responding to Armed Robbery

Two males robbed a location with a shotgun and handgun. We found the two males in a neighborhood and initiated foot pursuit as they ran behind a house. I stopped because of a possible ambush and went back to the street.

Over Confident during Warrant Arrest of Known Subject

I was on duty in my own rural (very rural) neighborhood when I saw a known subject, whom I have dealt with numerous times, who had a warrant and suspended driver’s license. I watched him drive home and pulled him over. He saw me and went into his house. I filled out the citation and knocked on the door. We knew each other by first name—that is how often I have dealt with him.