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Officer Shot Responding to Traffic Accident

Officer responded to a call of a traffic accident at 0951. Upon arrival, the officer observed a man and a woman attempting to leave the scene of the crash on foot. As the officer approached the couple, the man turned and fired at the officer, fatally striking him in the head.

Technology and K-9 Save Deputy During Ambush Attack

A K-9 deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a rest stop. The vehicle’s lights were turned off, and one person was sitting in the driver’s seat. As the deputy approached the vehicle, two individuals came out of the nearby woods and approached the deputy.

Correctional Officer Goes Down Transporting Maximum Security Inmate

Two corrections officers were assigned to transport a maximum security inmate to the local hospital for a doctors consultation in the ER. The inmate was secured to the gurney with handcuffs and leg irons. Corrections officer (CO) 1 was standing in the doorway while CO 2 was just inside the doorway of the the room near a counter and sink. CO 2 started to lean towards the wall and collapsed onto the floor, striking his head on the counter as he fell.

Deputy Constable Ambushed and Shot Following Traffic Stop

A deputy constable conducted a nighttime traffic stop for an observed traffic violation. During the stop, the deputy requested a back-up deputy to assist. At the conclusion of the traffic stop, both deputies went back to the first patrol vehicle and began talking. As the deputies were talking, gun shots were fired, hitting one of the deputies multiple times.

Tear Gas Sets Trailer on Fire During SWAT Operation

Police were dispatched for a noise complaint in a trailer park. When the responding officers arrived on scene, the subjects ran inside their trailer and locked the door. The officers tried unsuccessfully to convince the subjects to exit the trailer. The officers contacted their sergeant, who then contacted the duty lieutenant. The lieutenant contacted the chief of police, and the two decided to deploy the department’s SWAT team to handle the situation.

Failed Equipment Results in Officer Drowning

An experienced police diver was practicing routine underwater search-and-rescue maneuvers as part of a dive-team training exercise when a series of equipment failures resulted in the officer drowning.

Tasered Suspect Shoots and Kills Officer During Felony Warrant Service

Two officers observed a male felony warrant suspect walking along a downtown street in the nighttime hours. The suspect had a lengthy criminal history, which included prior assaults on police officers. As the officers attempted to effect the arrest, the suspect refused to comply with the officers’ commands to show his hands.