Drunk Driver Almost Strikes Officer during Traffic Stop

An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle for making a left turn on a red light. The vehicles were pulled off to the right shoulder of a 4 lane road, two lanes in either direction. Traffic was light on the road given the time of night.

State Trooper Revived after Opiate Exposure

A state trooper conducted a nighttime traffic stop on a vehicle for an observed traffic violation. While speaking with the driver, the trooper noticed the passenger swallow a small bag later said to have contained cocaine.

Driver Pulls Concealed Handgun as Officers Attempt Arrest

A patrol officer conducted a nighttime traffic stop on a driver operating a motorized scooter. The officer knew the driver from previous encounters, and he knew the driver had a suspended license for a prior DWI. The officer contacted the driver and explained to him again that his license had been suspended and he cannot be operating any motor vehicle on the roadway.

Trooper Requires Aid after Drug Exposure on Traffic Stop

Two state troopers conducted a traffic stop on a potential narcotics suspect. During the search of the suspect and his vehicle, one of the troopers began to feel lightheaded, nauseous, and unsteady on his feet.

Driver Pulls Firearm on Officer after Running Stop Sign

A patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for running a stop sign. The driver did not stop immediately and, instead, drove six blocks before turning onto a side street and pulling over. Within 4 seconds of the suspect vehicle stopping, the driver of the vehicle flung the driver door open and partially exited the vehicle.

Officer Ambushed after Pursuit from DWI Enforcement

A patrol officer was working an evening DWI enhanced enforcement program. The officer was positioned to observe an intersection when a pickup truck stopped and then accelerated away, reaching an excessive speed. The officer attempted to catch the white truck, but was unable to do so.

Patrol Officer Hospitalized after Suspected Fentanyl Exposure during Traffic Stop

A patrol officer conducted a traffic stop on a female driver. During the stop, the female driver was arrested on suspicion of providing false identification information and driving on a suspended license. The officer also discovered a brownish-white substance in the vehicle, which was seized for testing.

Minor Traffic Violation Ends in Shots Fired at Officers

An officer conducted a nighttime traffic stop on a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. While talking with the driver, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Officer Almost Struck while Tying Boots

I was backing up my partner on a traffic stop along a busy stretch of road, parking offset behind his squad car and back about 15 feet. I pulled up behind his squad and briefly made contact with him. He told me he was 10-4 and I could clear if I wanted to. I told him I would stick around because you never know what may happen.

Prepare for the Unexpected

I’m a short female officer working midnights in a high crime area. I’m pretty proactive and I make a lot of traffic stops searching for narcotics, gang activity, and firearms. I stopped a truck thinking it might be stolen.