Motorist Nearly Hits Officer Conducting Traffic Stop

A fellow officer was on a nighttime traffic stop on a heavily traveled road when a vehicle failed to move over or slow down and nearly struck her.

Maintain Situational Awareness on “Routine” Traffic Stops

I made a traffic stop of a local resident and determined subject had an active warrant for his arrest. While attempting to make the arrest, I was so zoned in on the subject, I placed myself with my back to the highway.

Failure to Search Subject during Vehicle Search

After arresting a warrant subject from the driver’s seat, deputy 1 took the arrestee to a patrol car for search incident to arrest. Deputy 2 & 3 remained with the violator’s vehicle in order to remove passengers and search the vehicle.

Van Nearly Strikes Officer during Nighttime Traffic Stop

I conducted a traffic stop for a suspected DUI. As I was interacting with and evaluating the driver early in the contact (and with the driver still in the car), I heard a vehicle approaching from behind.

Suspended Driver Shoots Officer During Traffic Stop

This incident occurred in May 1995 at 0230 in the morning. I received a radio call about a person at a [diner] who refused to pay their bill. Initial contact with the subject suggested he was very timid, and the manager just wanted him to be put out.

Patrol Officer Dodges Bullet During Traffic Stop

A patrol officer pulled over a vehicle in a routine traffic stop. As soon as the officer reached the driver side window, the driver pulled a gun and fired at the officer.

DUI Suspect – Street Fight

A patrol officer responded to a report of a drunk driver involved in a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival at the scene, the officer observed several people attacking the driver of the vehicle.

Collision during Misdemeanor Pursuit in Icy Conditions

Patrol officer was pursuing a vehicle to apprehend the driver, who was wanted for a misdemeanor warrant. The weather conditions were poor and the street surface was covered by snow and ice. The suspect vehicle crossed a major intersection with the officer close behind.

Missed Gun on Seat during Routine Traffic Stop

Routine traffic stop—I asked the driver for his license, registration, and insurance and returned to my patrol car. Upon running the driver’s license, dispatch advised me of warrants for the subject. I requested backup and waited for another officer to arrive.

Officer’s Car Struck during U-turn on Interstate to Catch Speeder

I was conducting traffic enforcement on a busy two lane State Highway during rush hour traffic. While traveling eastbound and operating my radar, a vehicle, traveling westbound, was clocked speeding 70+ MPH in a posted 55 MPH zone. I activated my emergency lights to try to notify all traffic around me that I was slowing.