Crazed Driver Tries to Run Over Cops during Traffic Stop

Patrol officers initiated a traffic stop on a minivan that was driving in a bike lane. The officers contacted the driver and suspected the driver was under the influence of drugs.

Prisoner Escapes Patrol Vehicle and Attempts to Ambush Pursuing Officers

My partner and I stopped a possible DUI driver for a red-light violation. There was a male driver and a female passenger. My partner performed a DUI investigation, which seemed to be routine.

Good Samaritans Rescue State Trooper Under Attack

A state trooper was on patrol on a state highway when he observed a motorcyclist driving 92mph. The trooper caught up with the motorcycle and activated his emergency lights. The driver pulled onto the shoulder and slowed down, but then accelerated at a high rate of speed.

Non-Compliant Subject Drags Officers during Traffic Stop

Around 0230, an officer on patrol initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling without its headlights on. The officer utilized a driver side approach and contacted the driver. When the officer asked the driver for his driver’s license, insurance, or any form of identification, the driver replied that he did not have anything with him.

Wrong Side of the Element of Surprise

As a proactive patrol officer on the midnight shift, I routinely used pretextual stops to make DWI and drug arrests. In my assigned area, I often parked on a side street with my lights off to monitor a four-way stop intersection on a state road. Traffic was infrequent on this road during the overnight hours as it passed through several miles of residential neighborhoods.

Handgun Missed on Multiple Patdowns

An officer [with a local police department] conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Upon contact, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and was immediately backed up by a state trooper.

Bystander Helps Officer Being Assaulted during DWI Stop

A patrol officer initiated a traffic stop for a possible DUI on a vehicle that he observed crossing the center line and swerving. When the officer questioned the driver and ordered her out of the vehicle, she refused to comply. At this time, the passenger also became argumentative with the officer.

Vest Saves Officer during Traffic Stop

An officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for an observed traffic violation. The officer followed procedure and notified dispatch of his location and provided a description of the vehicle. The officer was unable to provide the dispatcher with a license plate number, but he reported that the plate was likely issued by the state of Ohio.

Holster Retention Issue during Foot Pursuit of Armed Subject

A specialty unit officer was performing surveillance on violent gang members. One known subject left in a vehicle, and after officers observed traffic offenses (and confirmed the subject had a suspended license), an attempt to stop the subject was made. The vehicle/suspect refused to stop and fled for 6-8 blocks before the driver and passenger bailed out on foot.

Failure to Use Headlights Almost Leads to Motorcycle Crash

I was working motorcycle enforcement during evening hours. I pulled over to assist another motor officer on a traffic stop. This was at a time when Kawasaki 1000 police motorcycles allowed officers to manually turn off headlights. I dimmed to parking lights so as not to illuminate the other officer during driver contact.