Vest Saves Officer in Shooting with Robbery Suspect

Detectives were at a casino conducting follow-up for a missing persons case. As part of the follow-up, detectives were in the casino’s security surveillance room. While conducting the investigation, a suspect robbed a casino cage at gunpoint.

Driver Pulls Concealed Handgun as Officers Attempt Arrest

A patrol officer conducted a nighttime traffic stop on a driver operating a motorized scooter. The officer knew the driver from previous encounters, and he knew the driver had a suspended license for a prior DWI. The officer contacted the driver and explained to him again that his license had been suspended and he cannot be operating any motor vehicle on the roadway.

Trooper Requires Aid after Drug Exposure on Traffic Stop

Two state troopers conducted a traffic stop on a potential narcotics suspect. During the search of the suspect and his vehicle, one of the troopers began to feel lightheaded, nauseous, and unsteady on his feet.

Officers Ambushed Responding to Shooting Inside Local Business

Officers responded to a report of shots fired inside a local business. The first two arriving officers immediately entered the building, having information on an active shooting.

Trooper Hit while Helping Stranded Motorist in Inclement Weather

A state trooper stopped to assist a motorist stranded on the side of a busy state highway. Weather conditions were poor with heavy rain, ice, sleet, snow, and high winds, causing poor visibility. While the trooper was talking to the motorist outside of the motorist’s vehicle, the trooper’s patrol SUV was struck from behind, forcing the patrol vehicle into the trooper and the motorist.

Driver Pulls Firearm on Officer after Running Stop Sign

A patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for running a stop sign. The driver did not stop immediately and, instead, drove six blocks before turning onto a side street and pulling over. Within 4 seconds of the suspect vehicle stopping, the driver of the vehicle flung the driver door open and partially exited the vehicle.

Officer Nearly Shot in the Head during Misdemeanor Arrest

During the nighttime hours, an officer approached a male subject that appeared to be sleeping in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle, with its engine running, in front of an apartment complex. The officer asked the subject why he was out in the vehicle, and the subject stated that he had just left a nearby residence after visiting family. The officer then stated that he smelled marijuana in the vehicle and asked the subject if he still had marijuana in the car.

Officer Rescue During Critical Incident

At approximately 1500 hours, two officers were shot during the attempted service of a protection order at a local residence. An investigation leading up to the incident revealed a misdemeanor domestic violence incident occurred between a male and female the day prior, and the female obtained and order of protection which needed to be served.

Murder Suspect Planned to Shoot Officer during Stop in Hotel Parking Lot

A patrol officer observed a male driver and a female passenger sitting in a black SUV parked at a local hotel. The officer parked his vehicle near the subjects and approached the driver’s door, perpendicular to the subjects’ vehicle. As the officer approached, the female subject exited the SUV and the officer asked what the subjects were doing.

Averted Ambush during Bizarre Welfare Check

During third shift, our dispatch center received a 911 call from an unknown male subject asking that an officer be sent to shoot and kill him. When asked for an address and more information, the subject repeatedly demanded the request in an agitated and more expletive manner. A final request for more information and location resulted in him screaming “I’m coming to get you!” and hanging up.