Officer Collides with Motorist while Pursuing Armed Robbery Suspects

Patrol officers spotted a car matching the description of a vehicle used in two earlier armed robberies in a nearby jurisdiction. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspects fled. The two officers pursued the vehicle, with speeds reaching 90mph on city roads.

Crazed Driver Tries to Run Over Cops during Traffic Stop

Patrol officers initiated a traffic stop on a minivan that was driving in a bike lane. The officers contacted the driver and suspected the driver was under the influence of drugs.

Loaded TEC-9 Found Underneath Driver’s Seat of Patrol Car

A patrol supervisor left his patrol car at the department’s car wash station for a trustee to clean the inside and outside of the car. After washing the outside of the car, the trustee flagged another officer down and excitedly stated that he had found a gun under the driver’s seat.

Prisoner Slips Handcuffs and Escapes Patrol Vehicle

On an early October morning, a young male subject was taken into custody for a felony warrant (probation violation) and a misdemeanor warrant. At the time of arrest, the subject was handcuffed behind his back with palms facing outwards, and the cuffs were checked for tightness.

Prisoner Steals Patrol SUV and Rams Deputy

Two deputies were investigating reports of a stolen vehicle at the end of a rural county road. The deputies arrived and found two cars parked at the end of the road, one of which was reported stolen, with a male and a female subject standing between the cars.

Suspicious Persons in DMV Parking Lot

I was in the parking lot of the local DMV office in the afternoon. I typically patrolled the lot as I came or went from the office due to concern of illegal activities in the lot, such as selling fraudulent identification to get a real driver’s license. I was flagged down by an employee, who said she thought two individuals in a parked car were trying to sell stolen merchandise.

Officers Nearly Run Over as Suspect Attempts to Flee

An anonymous person called 911 to report a man using drugs in a car parked in the parking lot of an apartment complex. The complex was in a high crime neighborhood known for heroin and meth use.

Arrestee Fights for Control of Officer’s Firearm

I was working a commercial sex investigation, and I stopped a female impersonator. This person was very large, and I was trying to make a plan for how to tell him he was under arrest and gain compliance immediately.

Bad Habits Create Bad Circumstances

While working a delayed family disturbance call in a grocery store parking lot, an emergency tone-out sounded over our primary radio channel. Dispatch advised that an unarmed security guard working the exterior night watch at a bank on the outskirts of our town had been shot.

Officer Shot Responding to Subject Who Was Reportedly Unarmed and Nonviolent

At approximately 1630, a woman called 911 out of concern for her son, whom she felt was emotionally disturbed. The mother stated that her son was not armed or violent. Two officers arrived at the scene and made contact with the mother.