Unsafe Arrest Tactics after Noise Complaint

In the nighttime hours, an officer was dispatched to a house for a complaint of loud music. (This particular house, known to be a stripper’s house, had a history of noise complaints). When the officer knocks on the door of the house, a repeat offender opens the door and begins cussing at the officer.

Officer Killed, Ensuing Manhunt with Ill-Established Command and Control

[City Police] observed a subject wanted for the murder of a police officer and other serious crimes. Multiple agencies converged on the area, and the suspect opened fire on responding officers.

Stop Stick Malfunction During Vehicular Pursuit of Shooting Suspect

At 0100 HRS, dispatch aired a vehicular pursuit following a shooting that had just occurred in the area. The pursuit was heading onto a nearby highway at approximately 100 plus mph. I was able to get into the area of [the interstate] and drove southbound down the northbound off-ramp to get into position. I grabbed the Stop Sticks from the trunk of my patrol car as the pursuit was quickly approaching.

Homicide of U.S. Marshall during Service of Murder Warrant

Members of local law enforcement in multiple counties as well as task force members of the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task force were attempting to serve murder warrants on three individuals. Officers believed the suspects were inside of a boarding house, and the officers had been at the location earlier that same day attempting to locate the suspects.

Collision During Covert Driving Tactics

Multiple officers responded to a Prowler Call in the early morning hours. Both officers turn off their headlights and break lights as they arrived in the neighborhood. As officers are arriving, an officer on the scene spots the suspect and broadcasts this information to other responding officers.

Missed Gun on Seat during Routine Traffic Stop

Routine traffic stop—I asked the driver for his license, registration, and insurance and returned to my patrol car. Upon running the driver’s license, dispatch advised me of warrants for the subject. I requested backup and waited for another officer to arrive.

Foot Chase of Wanted Person without Back-up

A wanted subject was observed by the officer. The subject was contacted by officer and the subject fled on foot. The officer pursued on foot and engaged in physical confrontation.

Officer’s Car Struck during U-turn on Interstate to Catch Speeder

I was conducting traffic enforcement on a busy two lane State Highway during rush hour traffic. While traveling eastbound and operating my radar, a vehicle, traveling westbound, was clocked speeding 70+ MPH in a posted 55 MPH zone. I activated my emergency lights to try to notify all traffic around me that I was slowing.