Officer Shot on EMS Call at Transit Center

Fire, EMS, and police responded to a medical emergency at a bus terminal around 1730 for a 47-year-old male who was arriving on a bus from out of the area. Initial call notes indicated the man was having a seizure.

Officers Ambushed Responding to Shooting Inside Local Business

Officers responded to a report of shots fired inside a local business. The first two arriving officers immediately entered the building, having information on an active shooting.

Trooper Hit while Helping Stranded Motorist in Inclement Weather

A state trooper stopped to assist a motorist stranded on the side of a busy state highway. Weather conditions were poor with heavy rain, ice, sleet, snow, and high winds, causing poor visibility. While the trooper was talking to the motorist outside of the motorist’s vehicle, the trooper’s patrol SUV was struck from behind, forcing the patrol vehicle into the trooper and the motorist.

Averted Ambush during Bizarre Welfare Check

During third shift, our dispatch center received a 911 call from an unknown male subject asking that an officer be sent to shoot and kill him. When asked for an address and more information, the subject repeatedly demanded the request in an agitated and more expletive manner. A final request for more information and location resulted in him screaming “I’m coming to get you!” and hanging up.

Subject Fires on Officers during Mental Health Call

At approximately 0300, officers responded to a residence for a mental health-related call. The parents of the subject told police that their son was throwing items around the house and causing a disturbance.

Psychiatric Patient Attempts to Disarm Police Officer in ER

Officers were with a psychiatric patient at the ER for an evaluation. The patient was not under arrest but was subject to a psychiatric hold. When the patient was informed that he was being admitted to a psychiatric care facility, he became combative with officers on scene.

Officer Investigates Suspicious Teens with Possible Weapon

Our patrol officer was on routine patrol on New Years Day and observed several young males walking across a parking lot at a local mall. One of the subjects displayed what the officer thought to be a weapon, but the subjects did not see the officer. The officer drove his vehicle to approach the subjects and activated his in-car camera.

Maintain Situational Awareness to Prevent an Ambush

At approximately 04:00, I was dispatched to a report of an assault on campus. The location of the assault was at an apartment complex on the main campus, but it was not accessible by the main campus road. As I was responding, I had to drive through a moderately wooded portion of the road immediately before the parking lot of the area I was called to.

Prepare for the Unexpected

I’m a short female officer working midnights in a high crime area. I’m pretty proactive and I make a lot of traffic stops searching for narcotics, gang activity, and firearms. I stopped a truck thinking it might be stolen.

Officers Nearly Ambushed in Construction Site

Another patrol officer got a call for a suspicious vehicle in a construction site at the beginning of our midnight shift. Staff at a restaurant connected to the site thought it was odd that the vehicle was there so late, as there was no construction going on. As my co-worker started heading to this call in his zone, I decided it sounded suspicious enough that I would respond with him.