Officers Attacked during Felony Arrest Warrant Service

Two officers from a local police department attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a known felon. As the officers made contact, the suspect and the suspect’s girlfriend assaulted the officers. The officers called for backup and fought with the two subjects.

Search Warrant and Forced Entry on Wrong House

Deputies responded to a known drug house. At the house, deputies contacted a known female and arrested her on outstanding arrest warrants. The female is not a CI, but she has given prior credible information that has led to the arrests of other criminals. On this occasion, she again wanted to give info…

Over Confident during Warrant Arrest of Known Subject

I was on duty in my own rural (very rural) neighborhood when I saw a known subject, whom I have dealt with numerous times, who had a warrant and suspended driver’s license. I watched him drive home and pulled him over. He saw me and went into his house. I filled out the citation and knocked on the door. We knew each other by first name—that is how often I have dealt with him.

Suspended Driver Shoots Officer During Traffic Stop

This incident occurred in May 1995 at 0230 in the morning. I received a radio call about a person at a [diner] who refused to pay their bill. Initial contact with the subject suggested he was very timid, and the manager just wanted him to be put out.

Technology and K-9 Save Deputy During Ambush Attack

A K-9 deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a rest stop. The vehicle’s lights were turned off, and one person was sitting in the driver’s seat. As the deputy approached the vehicle, two individuals came out of the nearby woods and approached the deputy.