Police Vehicles Collide at Intersection while Responding to Armed Subject

Officers were responding code to assist other officers with an armed subject. Two police vehicles entered a controlled intersection at a high rate of speed, one against the red traffic signal.

Deputy’s Vehicle Hit by Train while Responding to Infant in Distress

Two deputies in separate patrol SUVs were running code to an EMS call for an infant having difficulty breathing. On the way to the call, both of the deputies were stopped by a slow-moving freight train crossing the tracks in front of them.

Trooper Hit while Helping Stranded Motorist in Inclement Weather

A state trooper stopped to assist a motorist stranded on the side of a busy state highway. Weather conditions were poor with heavy rain, ice, sleet, snow, and high winds, causing poor visibility. While the trooper was talking to the motorist outside of the motorist’s vehicle, the trooper’s patrol SUV was struck from behind, forcing the patrol vehicle into the trooper and the motorist.

Seat Belt and Vest Save Officer in Crash while Responding to Burglary in Progress

An officer was working solo overnight patrol when he was dispatched for a burglary in progress. As the officer was responding at a high rate of speed to the call, he lost control of his patrol vehicle and went off the right side of the roadway.

Officer Almost Struck while Tying Boots

I was backing up my partner on a traffic stop along a busy stretch of road, parking offset behind his squad car and back about 15 feet. I pulled up behind his squad and briefly made contact with him. He told me he was 10-4 and I could clear if I wanted to. I told him I would stick around because you never know what may happen.

Officer Collides with Motorist while Pursuing Armed Robbery Suspects

Patrol officers spotted a car matching the description of a vehicle used in two earlier armed robberies in a nearby jurisdiction. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspects fled. The two officers pursued the vehicle, with speeds reaching 90mph on city roads.

Crazed Driver Tries to Run Over Cops during Traffic Stop

Patrol officers initiated a traffic stop on a minivan that was driving in a bike lane. The officers contacted the driver and suspected the driver was under the influence of drugs.

Bad Habits Create Bad Circumstances

While working a delayed family disturbance call in a grocery store parking lot, an emergency tone-out sounded over our primary radio channel. Dispatch advised that an unarmed security guard working the exterior night watch at a bank on the outskirts of our town had been shot.

Wrong Side of the Element of Surprise

As a proactive patrol officer on the midnight shift, I routinely used pretextual stops to make DWI and drug arrests. In my assigned area, I often parked on a side street with my lights off to monitor a four-way stop intersection on a state road. Traffic was infrequent on this road during the overnight hours as it passed through several miles of residential neighborhoods.

Close Call with Vehicle while Responding through Intersection

Two officers were responding to a violent assault call for service. The lead officer was passing through an intersection against a red light and failed to clear the intersection.