Officer Nearly Struck while Running to Stop Fight in Progress

While directing traffic at a sporting event, officers observed a fight breaking out across a busy 5-lane road. Instinct kicked in to get to the fight and stop it. The two officers ran across the street through traffic.

Motorist Nearly Hits Officer Conducting Traffic Stop

A fellow officer was on a nighttime traffic stop on a heavily traveled road when a vehicle failed to move over or slow down and nearly struck her.

Maintain Situational Awareness on “Routine” Traffic Stops

I made a traffic stop of a local resident and determined subject had an active warrant for his arrest. While attempting to make the arrest, I was so zoned in on the subject, I placed myself with my back to the highway.

Almost Struck during Traffic Control at Crash Scene

I was directing traffic around a crash scene. An ambulance was partially blocking the travel lane. I did not have a traffic vest on and I was in a dark uniform. It was dark out and it was snowing.

Nearly Hit by Car while Attempting to Assist Deputy

I was close by to an assault call, in which two males were fighting and one appeared unconscious. Second broadcast reported 1 male down on the pavement and the other walking away. I drove to the injured male to render aid. We are a large agency, and fights and disturbances are very common calls.

Officer Attempts to Deploy Spike Strips on Three-Lane Interstate

A pursuit of a stolen car was traveling N/B on the local interstate. An officer ahead of the pursuit stopped on the inside shoulder, preparing to deploy spike strips as the pursuit neared their location. The suspect, from a distance, observed the officer on the inside shoulder and intentionally steered/veered to the right in an attempt to avoid the spikes.

Deputy Crashes En Route to Medical Call for Service

A medical call went out for a patient experiencing difficulty breathing. In our county, deputies are also the responding paramedics. One paramedic was already on scene. Another deputy/paramedic was en route to the medical call, still responding with lights and sirens.

Stop Stick Malfunction During Vehicular Pursuit of Shooting Suspect

At 0100 HRS, dispatch aired a vehicular pursuit following a shooting that had just occurred in the area. The pursuit was heading onto a nearby highway at approximately 100 plus mph. I was able to get into the area of [the interstate] and drove southbound down the northbound off-ramp to get into position. I grabbed the Stop Sticks from the trunk of my patrol car as the pursuit was quickly approaching.

Collision During Covert Driving Tactics

Multiple officers responded to a Prowler Call in the early morning hours. Both officers turn off their headlights and break lights as they arrived in the neighborhood. As officers are arriving, an officer on the scene spots the suspect and broadcasts this information to other responding officers.

Collision during Misdemeanor Pursuit in Icy Conditions

Patrol officer was pursuing a vehicle to apprehend the driver, who was wanted for a misdemeanor warrant. The weather conditions were poor and the street surface was covered by snow and ice. The suspect vehicle crossed a major intersection with the officer close behind.