Teen Pulls Gun as Officers Attempt to Go Hands On

Patrol officers were investigating a male subject matching the description of an individual wanted for truancy. The subject was sitting in the back of a car parked on the side of the road in a residential area. The windows of the vehicle were down, so Officer #1 approached the rear driver side door and asked the subject for his name.

Officer Almost Struck while Tying Boots

I was backing up my partner on a traffic stop along a busy stretch of road, parking offset behind his squad car and back about 15 feet. I pulled up behind his squad and briefly made contact with him. He told me he was 10-4 and I could clear if I wanted to. I told him I would stick around because you never know what may happen.

Officer Investigates Suspicious Teens with Possible Weapon

Our patrol officer was on routine patrol on New Years Day and observed several young males walking across a parking lot at a local mall. One of the subjects displayed what the officer thought to be a weapon, but the subjects did not see the officer. The officer drove his vehicle to approach the subjects and activated his in-car camera.

Maintain Situational Awareness to Prevent an Ambush

At approximately 04:00, I was dispatched to a report of an assault on campus. The location of the assault was at an apartment complex on the main campus, but it was not accessible by the main campus road. As I was responding, I had to drive through a moderately wooded portion of the road immediately before the parking lot of the area I was called to.

“Routine” Business Check

I was checking businesses in a strip mall, after one of the businesses had reported being burglarized three times in the previous two months. I found the back door to that business unlocked, and I set off the alarm when I opened the door.

Officers Nearly Ambushed in Construction Site

Another patrol officer got a call for a suspicious vehicle in a construction site at the beginning of our midnight shift. Staff at a restaurant connected to the site thought it was odd that the vehicle was there so late, as there was no construction going on. As my co-worker started heading to this call in his zone, I decided it sounded suspicious enough that I would respond with him.

Prisoner Steals Patrol SUV and Rams Deputy

Two deputies were investigating reports of a stolen vehicle at the end of a rural county road. The deputies arrived and found two cars parked at the end of the road, one of which was reported stolen, with a male and a female subject standing between the cars.

Prisoner Escapes Patrol Vehicle and Attempts to Ambush Pursuing Officers

My partner and I stopped a possible DUI driver for a red-light violation. There was a male driver and a female passenger. My partner performed a DUI investigation, which seemed to be routine.

Officers Surprised by Suspect during Shots Fired Call

Officers received a call for shots fired in the area. They responded to a house for a disturbance involving the individual who fired the shots. Officers were checking the yard while another officer went to the front door to meet the complainant. One officer observed the suspect in the corner of the back yard.

Handgun Missed on Multiple Patdowns

An officer [with a local police department] conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Upon contact, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and was immediately backed up by a state trooper.