Officer Shot as Driver Opens Fire during Traffic Stop

A patrol officer conducted a traffic stop on a minivan occupied by a male driver and a female passenger. As the officer reached the back of the minivan, the female passenger exited the vehicle from the front passenger seat.

Always Clear the House

An officer was dispatched to a break-in that had already occurred. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant and homeowner and asked if the homeowner had already cleared the house. The homeowner said yes.

Pickup Truck Crashes into Police at Accident Scene

At approximately 0330, two officers were on the scene of a single-vehicle accident on the right side of a highway interchange. While the officers and a Good Samaritan were assisting the involved motorists, one of the officers standing in front of a patrol vehicle noticed a pickup truck heading towards them.

Police Vehicles Collide at Intersection while Responding to Armed Subject

Officers were responding code to assist other officers with an armed subject. Two police vehicles entered a controlled intersection at a high rate of speed, one against the red traffic signal.

Officer Shot on EMS Call at Transit Center

Fire, EMS, and police responded to a medical emergency at a bus terminal around 1730 for a 47-year-old male who was arriving on a bus from out of the area. Initial call notes indicated the man was having a seizure.

Suicidal Man Approaches Officers with Knife

Four officers were standing outside of their patrol vehicles talking after clearing a traffic stop. A suicidal and possibly mentally ill individual approached them on foot and started whispering. One of the officers heard the man saying, “Kill me.”

Subject Tries to Disarm Unsuspecting Officer at Gas Station

Two officers were exiting a gas station convenience store around 0200. While the officers were exiting, Officer #1 held the door open for a male subject who was approaching the door from outside.

Deputy’s Vehicle Hit by Train while Responding to Infant in Distress

Two deputies in separate patrol SUVs were running code to an EMS call for an infant having difficulty breathing. On the way to the call, both of the deputies were stopped by a slow-moving freight train crossing the tracks in front of them.

Drunk Driver Almost Strikes Officer during Traffic Stop

An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle for making a left turn on a red light. The vehicles were pulled off to the right shoulder of a 4 lane road, two lanes in either direction. Traffic was light on the road given the time of night.

Officer Ambushed after Pursuit from DWI Enforcement

A patrol officer was working an evening DWI enhanced enforcement program. The officer was positioned to observe an intersection when a pickup truck stopped and then accelerated away, reaching an excessive speed. The officer attempted to catch the white truck, but was unable to do so.