Technology and K-9 Save Deputy During Ambush Attack

A K-9 deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a rest stop. The vehicle’s lights were turned off, and one person was sitting in the driver’s seat. As the deputy approached the vehicle, two individuals came out of the nearby woods and approached the deputy.

Gunman Ambushes Officer at Intersection

An officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle at an intersection in the nighttime hours when a gunman approached the driver side window and opened fire on the officer.

Deputy Constable Ambushed and Shot Following Traffic Stop

A deputy constable conducted a nighttime traffic stop for an observed traffic violation. During the stop, the deputy requested a back-up deputy to assist. At the conclusion of the traffic stop, both deputies went back to the first patrol vehicle and began talking. As the deputies were talking, gun shots were fired, hitting one of the deputies multiple times.