Close Call with Vehicle while Responding through Intersection

Two officers were responding to a violent assault call for service. The lead officer was passing through an intersection against a red light and failed to clear the intersection.

Officer Nearly Struck while Running to Stop Fight in Progress

While directing traffic at a sporting event, officers observed a fight breaking out across a busy 5-lane road. Instinct kicked in to get to the fight and stop it. The two officers ran across the street through traffic.

Accidental Discharge of Firearm during Foot Pursuit of Burglary Suspect

Officers responded to a male subject reportedly involved in a series of burglaries. When officers confronted the subject, who was carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV in his hands, the subject threw the TV at officers and fled on foot.

Armed Suspect Flanks Responding Officers at Convenience Store

Officers responded to a report of a robbery shooting in a residential area next to a convenience store. A citizen caller advised that two suspects had fled into the store several minutes before officers arrived. The citizen caller reported that he was also inside the store and provided his own physical description to the call taker.

Maintain Situational Awareness on “Routine” Traffic Stops

I made a traffic stop of a local resident and determined subject had an active warrant for his arrest. While attempting to make the arrest, I was so zoned in on the subject, I placed myself with my back to the highway.

Inmate Surprises and Assaults Corrections Deputies

On 3/15/17 at around 0100, [an inmate] was out on his recreational time in [housing unit A]. When [Deputy 1] was just completing a module check, [the inmate] ambushed him by suddenly punching him in the face, knocking [Deputy 1] down. The inmate continued the vicious assault, then disengaged.

Nearly Hit by Car while Attempting to Assist Deputy

I was close by to an assault call, in which two males were fighting and one appeared unconscious. Second broadcast reported 1 male down on the pavement and the other walking away. I drove to the injured male to render aid. We are a large agency, and fights and disturbances are very common calls.

Armed Subject Hides from Officers during Foot Pursuit

Two armed suspects robbed an individual and stole the victim’s vehicle. A patrol officer located the vehicle being driven on a city roadway and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The driver refused to stop, and a vehicle pursuit ensued.

Van Nearly Strikes Officer during Nighttime Traffic Stop

I conducted a traffic stop for a suspected DUI. As I was interacting with and evaluating the driver early in the contact (and with the driver still in the car), I heard a vehicle approaching from behind.

Officer Shot Responding to Traffic Accident

Officer responded to a call of a traffic accident at 0951. Upon arrival, the officer observed a man and a woman attempting to leave the scene of the crash on foot. As the officer approached the couple, the man turned and fired at the officer, fatally striking him in the head.