Unlawful Seizure/Detention

A patrol officer was investigating a motor vehicle collision when the officer noticed an individual walking by the location. The officer identified the individual as a person of interest in recent breaking-and-entering incidents in the area. The officer contacted the individual and requested that the individual accompany the officer to the police station.

Collision During Covert Driving Tactics

Multiple officers responded to a Prowler Call in the early morning hours. Both officers turn off their headlights and break lights as they arrived in the neighborhood. As officers are arriving, an officer on the scene spots the suspect and broadcasts this information to other responding officers.

Severe Weather Evacuation During Holiday Event

A July 4th open-air music/fireworks celebration, located at a public park, was held with known threat of severe thunder and lightening storm. Weather forecast indicated possibility of heavy rain, thunder/lightening, and wind. The storm gained strength and intensity over a short period time with minimal notification by weather experts.

Drug Task Force Raid Encounters Armed Subject Under Blanket

Drug Task Force detectives were in a stack outside a residence, ready to ram the door and enter the premises. I was first in the stack with the ram. As I passed by the window next to the door, I looked in the front window and saw a person on the sofa. As I hit the door and got out of the way for the team to enter, I simultaneously yelled there was a person on the sofa.

Arrest Warrant Service – Beware of Dog

Officers were executing a search warrant and an arrest warrant for a drug suspect. Officers arrived at the suspect’s house at 0600, observed no movement inside, knocked and announced. Officers then breached the property.

Felony Armed Robbery Pursuit Leads to Ravine Crash

Officers assisted with apprehension of subjects involved in an armed robbery . I heard a radio broadcast from a nearby police department that they were trying to catch up to a SUV which was “blowing” several stoplights. Dispatch responded stating that the vehicle was a suspect vehicle in an armed robbery. Pursuing Police stated they were northbound on [a major highway] and asked if officers from my department could help stop the vehicle. I proceeded to the area and offered to use “Stop Stix” on the vehicle.

Bomb Threat – Hoax Call

Unknown caller phoned into a school of higher education that a male person was on campus and in a specific building with an assault rifle.

Collision during Misdemeanor Pursuit in Icy Conditions

Patrol officer was pursuing a vehicle to apprehend the driver, who was wanted for a misdemeanor warrant. The weather conditions were poor and the street surface was covered by snow and ice. The suspect vehicle crossed a major intersection with the officer close behind.

Missed Gun on Seat during Routine Traffic Stop

Routine traffic stop—I asked the driver for his license, registration, and insurance and returned to my patrol car. Upon running the driver’s license, dispatch advised me of warrants for the subject. I requested backup and waited for another officer to arrive.

Foot Chase of Wanted Person without Back-up

A wanted subject was observed by the officer. The subject was contacted by officer and the subject fled on foot. The officer pursued on foot and engaged in physical confrontation.