Entries by Brett Cowell

Swatting Incident at University

A male subject called 911 and said that his “roommate” had a gun and was headed to a named school campus and planned on shooting people. The caller added that his “roommate” was dressed in black. University, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies responded.

Over Confident during Warrant Arrest of Known Subject

I was on duty in my own rural (very rural) neighborhood when I saw a known subject, whom I have dealt with numerous times, who had a warrant and suspended driver’s license. I watched him drive home and pulled him over. He saw me and went into his house. I filled out the citation and knocked on the door. We knew each other by first name—that is how often I have dealt with him.

Deputy Crashes En Route to Medical Call for Service

A medical call went out for a patient experiencing difficulty breathing. In our county, deputies are also the responding paramedics. One paramedic was already on scene. Another deputy/paramedic was en route to the medical call, still responding with lights and sirens.

Handcuffed Subject Discards Gun in Police Car

My partner and I responded for a “Suspicious Persons” call wherein the anonymous caller described two subjects selling heroin with one subject armed with a gun. Upon our arrival, we located the described subjects and placed them in handcuffs. Immediately after we handcuffed both subjects, relatives and friends exited the residence the subjects were in front of and became verbally hostile towards us.